Ohio Teen Bloggers in a High School

28 08 2010

A different Ohioan twist on blogging –  Middleton Bloggers.

First, what is it about Ohio? They seem to be very pro-active with connecting their youth and Web 2.0 technologies. I mean first the library in Worthington with a teen blog, and now a high school is giving out credit for seniors to blog about their last year in high school.

Is it madness? Have they taken leave of their senses in Ohio? Or are they exploring the ways they can engage their youth in the community through Web 2.0 projects?

This school is so excited about blogging that they have 6 teen bloggers who are getting credit for blogging about their senior year. In addition these seniors are learning the art of sharing information with their peers in a way that all parties involved benefit.

Maybe there is something in the water in Ohio but in my opinion it is a breath of fresh air.

Way to use blogging to unite, educate and build a body of knowledge Ohio, something we can all learn from.





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