Talk It Out With YackPack

17 09 2010

Another great collaborative tool is YackPack.

YackPack can be described as a system of audio emails. First you create a user group, or “pack” as they call it, and then you invite others.  YackPack allows up to 49 different packs per email address, so you can have some office packs, hobby packs and family packs as well.

Example of YackPack user interface

When you want to send a message, you can select the whole pack, or just the members that you want to talk to, and record your message. You can listen to the play back, re-record if necessary and then poof!

Hit send at the message is gone. No more adding addresses from your address book (and getting someone else by mistake….done that a few times!) and no need to add any typing at all in fact. Just record and click send.

Another cool feature is that in YackPack the messages are stored for playback again and again. To see if you have a message, the person who sent you the message will have a green bar under their face or Avatar picture.

Simple…Easy…Almost Effortless Communication

I see YackPack as a great collaborative tool because it is a useful communication tool. Let’s say that an educator or a librarian has a group of people they are helping and typing is an issue for the people they are working with. With YackPack typing is not an issue, messages can be sent verbally. If the person that you are trying to connect with is not on-line, no problem, the message is sent and will wait.  In that sense YackPack is like a Web 2.0 answering machine.

Have you used YackPack for as a communication tool? Have you used YackPack for any kind of group projects? What do you think of YackPack?




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