Education Partners

13 10 2010

Hello Everyone;

I recently made this brief Photo Story illustrating a brief look and technologies used as educational partners and thought I would share it with you.

I was thinking that a Photo Story created by librarians or by patrons might be a great way to inspire our younger patrons to realize their potential of designing the next new technology. As well as a great way to put the library at the heart of their researching needs.

Images and music can do a lot to inspire and so can we as Information Professionals.

Leave a comment if you need any ideas building your library’s Photo Story or if you have suggestions for other librarians for their Photo Stories.



A Second Spent On Second Life

11 10 2010

Hello Everyone;

I was just recently on Second Life again. I am amazed at how many improvements there have been. I wanted to share some of the great finds I discovered while I was on Second Life. (Maybe it is me but Second Life is so large it is easy to miss areas within places.)

One of the places I thought was great was EduIsland.

Ed Island has a great deal of educational information hiding within it as well as some great graphics. Most of the information I heard while my avatar Dempsey was strolling along seemed to be primary resources being read aloud. Great fun for those History buffs.

Another place I wanted to point out was Emerging Technologies Idea Library within The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

There were many information packets to pick up here and all in the concept of a Potlatch. So you can take ideas and leave your own. I thought this was a great way to share information and in bring some culture into Second Life as well.

The last place I want to share with you was the Nicodemus Historical Museum at Cybrary II near the State Library of Kansas

This area had a lot of information about the town of Nicodemus and the Buffalo Soldiers. One could spend lots of time soaking up the information here. Make sure to click on the pictures to hear the stories.

Where do you go on Second Life?