Education Partners

13 10 2010

Hello Everyone;

I recently made this brief Photo Story illustrating a brief look and technologies used as educational partners and thought I would share it with you.

I was thinking that a Photo Story created by librarians or by patrons might be a great way to inspire our younger patrons to realize their potential of designing the next new technology. As well as a great way to put the library at the heart of their researching needs.

Images and music can do a lot to inspire and so can we as Information Professionals.

Leave a comment if you need any ideas building your library’s Photo Story or if you have suggestions for other librarians for their Photo Stories.



1 Million 4 FINCA Campaign

25 09 2010

Hello Friends and Readers;

Please pardon this interruption in content but…

Kris and I are supporters of the non-profit Foundation for International Community Assistance or FINCA. Kris’s uncle came up with the idea when he was in the Peace Corp. Here is a video that talks about the positive change that FINCA brings about in Uganda.

FINCA is a microcredit program that loans money to people in developing countries that earn two dollars or less a day. The loans are given to people (mostly women) who have a skill, a small business, or a plan that needs capital to expand their livelihoods. For example women that mend clothes can, with the loan, buy a sewing machine so that they can make more money to support their family. 98% of the loans that go out are paid back which cycle back into more loans.

The 15th of November is FINCA’S Anniversary and they need your support. In order to help FINCA help others Kris and I are trying to raise one million dollars $25 at a time.

You can be a part of the One Million 4 FINCA Campaign by going to this website: and donating $25 or more if you can. Also please ask your friends and family to be a part of the One Million 4 FINCA Campaign.

You can show the world that we can do more than make funny videos viral…with your help we can make giving, compassion, and positive change viral as well.

$25 dollars really can change the world and you can be a part of that change.

Thank you for your support,

Wikis as Educational and Information Tools

14 09 2010
image of collaboration


Aright I admit, I like to ponder about life in general and I was wondering if we really use some of the older Web 2.0 technologies to the fullest.

Sometimes as information professionals we get so caught up in new technologies that we can forget about older Web 2.0 technologies, such as wikis. My point, I guess, is do we spend time rethinking the possibilities for Web 2.0 technologies. For instance some information professionals are using wikis to collaboratively create Readers’ Advisory information, which is ingenious. But are we rethinking wikis often enough?

Then this article came out in the Chronicle of Higher Education about a crowdsourcing project called “Transcribe Bentham.” The project uses MediaWiki as the collaborative tool that allows all of the participants to … well transcribe the manuscripts of Jeremy Bentham.

I thought this was a great way to use wikis because it seems to repurpose an older Web 2.0 technology into an ongoing a current tend like digitalization.

How do you use wikis? Do you feel like you are getting the most out of Web 2.0 technologies?

Hello world!

27 08 2010
Delaina Miller

Delaina Miller

Hello Everyone;

I created this blog with the goal of connecting my two educational pursuits: Information Resources and Educational Technology. It is my hope to introduce new and exciting open source or free technologies to other librarians and information professionals.

Technology is creating a change…with technology we all play the two roles of student and teacher. The technologies that this blog and blogger will focus on, are technologies that will help us work collaboratively to build a stronger body of knowledge.

I think that Libraries today have the potential to be dynamic and creative user-centered places. Libraries in the 21 Century are undergoing many changes (economic, values, relevancy) and by adding technology we will ensure their place in society for years to come.

Thank you for reading, Delaina